You own many accounts on WEBD.pl?

Manage them even faster thanks to WEBD ID

WEBD ID combines all Your accounts. Thanks to this option You log in only once. You have access to all Your services and easily switch between them. Additionally, uniting accounts with WEBD ID raises the amount of Your active domains, summing them up, so You can use our domain wholesale pricelist.

webd id
  • WEBD ID combines all Your accounts
  • In order to set it up You should log in to each of Your accounts and add them to WEBD ID
  • As You log in to account added to WEBD ID, You should see details form all the combined WEBD.pl accounts
  • You can easily separate from WEBD ID account added before
  • You can also log in to Client's Panel with data used to set up WEBD ID
  • Important! WEBD ID DOES NOT combine hosting accounts (Cpanel/FTP are still separate), it just make easier managing them

Account management

You log in once and gain access to all Your services, invoices, subscriptions and messages. You just need to point, which account You wish to see first. Don't forget - with us You can have even few accounts on the same Subscriber's contact data.




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