89.99 PLN / month

up to 100 GB disk space
up to 500 GB of monthly transfer
unlimited email addresses
unlimited MySQL databases
unlimited FTP accounts
unlimited operated domains
unlimited email aliases

Do You like to pay less?
Choose a subscription for Yourself!

Subscription Price You save
monthly 89.99 PLN - kup
quarterly 269.97 PLN - kup
half-yearly 449.95 PLN 1 month kup
yearly 899.90 PLN 2 months kup

Within the account

File Manager
Password protect directories
Remote MySQL

You still don't have a domain?

Order a domain! It's incredibly easy!

.pl, .com.pl, regional: od 4.90 PLN
.com, .eu: od 48.00 PLN

Additionallly You get:

- antispam blockades and filters
- access to e-mails through WWW (Horde, Squirel)
- blocking income e-mail from an exact addresses
- e-mail list without limits
- autoresponder
- creating safety backup for whole WWW service
- creating safety backup for MySQL database
- creating safety backup for alliases and filters
- protecting chosen catalogs with the password
- proffesional administration panel
- account statistics (Analog, Awstats, Webalizer)
- access to server log (Raw Access Log)
- access to default log (Error Log)
- setting up own error pages (error pages)
- administrating MySQL database with PHPMyAdmin
- Cron Jobs Manager
- Net Tools (domain lookup, Trace Route)
- defining by User Mime Types
- defining by User Apache Handlers
- subdomains handling
- deleting permitted hosts and databases
- managing URL addresses re-direction
- installing/deinstalling FrontPage Extensions
- subdomain statistics on Your account
- PGP Keys
- hotlink Protection
- Fantastico
- possibility of Chat Room CGI Chat, PhpMyChat Room or Java Chat installation
- ability of developed Forum installation
- possibility of CGI scripts installation with scripts database (guest book, web page counter, timeclock, date counting, CGI EMail, FormMail)
- shopping cart: Agora
- free technical help
- 99,9% reliability of server functioning

Ways to pay for services

We accept:

Help 24/7

Twenty-four-hour technical monitoring
allows You to easily use
webd services.

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