1.  The regulations listed below defines rules of participation in partnership program WEBD (known as WEBD PP), which is owned by Globtel Internet company in Gdansk.
2.  WEBD PP aims at promoting WEBD hosting services.
3.  Joining WEBD PP , future partner arbitrarily accepts conditions of this statute.
4.  Entering into WEBD PP Partner WEBD PP approves on storaging and processing personal details, which are essential to conclude, with-draw or change an agreement. Those data will be processed by Globtel Internet company in accordance with Act of Personal Data Security from 29.08.1997. WEBD PP Partner also declares being informed about His right to modify personal details.
Globtel Internet company also commits to resell no personal details of WEBD PP Partners to any companies or independent subjects.
1.  Participation in WEBD PP program is voluntary and free, under condition of registering and providing Us with accurate personal details.
2.  Every person/company who has its own website can participate in WEBD PP program, but the website needs to be approved by WEBD Admins. It is allowed for WEBD PP Partner to have many websites, but each and every one of them needs to be accepted by WEBD Admins.
3.  WEBD PP Partner commits Himself to inserting a unique code, generated by WEBD system, on His website/websites - it will enable identifying this website, which the potential Client WEBD was sent from. During the transfer from WEBD PP Partner's website to the WEBD main website, on potential Client's disk is created cookie file, which during the following 2 weeks will storage information about the WEBD PP Partner who recommended Him. It means that if during those 2 weeks the Client decides to purchase any WEBD service, the WEBD PP Partner will receive commission due, unless the condition placed in 3.1 will not be fulfilled.
4.  We advise on promoting WEBD services with the use of banners available on WEBD main site. It is also permitted to use test link, however its content cannot be misleading or suggesting false information.
5.  It is forbidden to promote WEBD PP on websites, which content is both: against the international or polish law, erotic, racist, fascist, violence propagating, summoning to religious/ racial/ denominational hate and commonly known as morally reprehensible.
Moreover it is also prohibited to send out SPAM, which is in any possible way connected with WEBD or WEBD PP offer.
6.  Globtel Internet company and WEBD do not bear any responsibility for the form of promoting WEBD hosting services by WEBD PP Partners.
1.  WEBD is obliged to pay one-off commission 10% on each fulfilled transaction, in time the percentage of this commission can be negotiated, but not higher than 15%. The condition to open the negotiation process is the amount of newly acquired WEBD Clients through WEBD PP website/websites. The commission will be calculated when the new Client, acquired from WEBD PP Partner website or websites, will pay declared amount of money on chosen bank account placed on WEBD website.
2.  Any services provided by WEBD, which will be purchased by WEBD PP Partner for His own use, are not being counted into WEBD PP program, for the reason they are not related to any commissions.
3.  WEBD is not paying amount, which are less than 100PLN. All the charges will be regulated on the explicit WEBD PP Patner's wish, paid on Partner's bank account or by post office, but on WEBD PP Partner's cost. Commission due will be paid as soon as WEBD PP Partner sends 2 contract of mandate copies (printed form WEBD PP Partner panel and signed) on Globtel Internet address.
1.  Violating whichever of regulations entails absolute loss of WEBD PP Partner status, along with all of the unpaid amount of money to the benefit of WEBD and WEBD account annulment.
2. Potential complaints should be directed to WEBD Admins through e-mail. The rules of Civil Code are applicable in matters, which are not regulated by this statute.
3.  WEBD reserves the right to modify the statute. New regulations are in force from the moment of publishing them on WEBD site. Every WEBD PP Partner will be informed about the introduced changes.
The statute has been valid since 25.04.2004

In order to join PP, You have to be webd.pl Client

Terms of participation in WEBD.PL affiliat program

Read it carefully – this regulation is showing You point blank – You cannot lose anything on being our business Partner. You can only gain. If You are our Client – join PP now, if not – become one right about now.


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