1.  The regulations listed below defines rules of setting and using every services on WEBD servers (known as WEBD) by Subscribers in return for Their payments.

Making subscription payment is equivalent to signing the agreement and accepting this and additional regulations. Every potential complaint, which is the result of being unfamiliar with those regulations will not be considered.

3.  WEBD reserves the right to modify this statute. All WEBD Clients will be informed about this modification in Clients Panel, available in the moment of WEBD account activation.  

Accepting terms of use, the Subscriber agrees to data processing among the agreement duration and after it, according to ordinance on personal data protection, dating on 27.04.2016 and rules of section 4 in disposition from 18th July 2002.


WEBD reserve the rights to send emails on addresses given by the Subscriber. The emails will concern services functioning and other information resulting from given agreement.


The purpose od data processing results from the content of Privacy Policy, which is a fundamental part of those Terms of Use.


If the separate agreement was given – the Busciber will receive marketing messages as well.


The Subsciber states of receiving the necessary information regarding the purpose and the range of data processing, as well as possibility to demand to access his personal data, right to modify it, delete it and to move this data.

1.  All of our services are available after paying declared amount, resulting from price list situated in WEBD main site. If Subscriber makes a payment with a post office service, the WEBD account will be activated within 48 hours since the payment comes in to WEBD account. In case of making subscription payment with SMS or credit card, the WEBD account will be activated automatically by WEBD system.
2.  7 days before present subscription period ends, WEBD will send to every Client a letter of reminder about the possibility of extension the subscription period, according to prices listed on the WEBD main site in the moment of making payment. The service will be blocked, unless the payment comes in to WEBD bank account on the last day of subscription validity.

After making another payment regarging hosting services, the subscription is prolonged starting from the date of last subsciption ending. Payment for the service with the same login during or after subscription is treated as the account renewal - the agreement continuation.

4.  Subscription payment only stands for being owner and using WEBD server account.
5.  WEBD do not bear responsibility for any difficulties resulting from post office or bank mistakes, causing delayed payments.  
1.  WEBD guarantees privacy of Subscribers' e-mails it does not control information sent through WEBD e-mail servers.
2.  In particular cases WEBD reserves the rights to provide access to exact e-mails for authorized institutional bodies.
3.  WEBD does not provide the access to independent subjects.

WEBD reserves the rights to pass personal data to subjects participating in executing the order or institutional bodies with appropriate authorization.


1.  WEBD servers are available for Clients day and night. WEBD reserves the right to introduce short break periods, resulting from either episodic system conservation or unpredictable situations (such as: natural disasters, breakdowns caused by international operators fault, etc).
2.  In the necessity of cutting off part of WEBD services, WEBD is obliged to inform its Clients about the situation with appropriate avance.
3.  For the lack of access to WEBD servers of WEBD fault, which will last more than 24h, WEBD is obliged to extend subscription period a day for every began 24h break in providing services.
4.  WEBD does not bear any responsibility for WEBD Clients' loss, which were caused by: - losing the connection without WEBD fault, - cataclysms, - independent subjects or factors action, - improbable WEBD accounts usage, - not receiving e-mails.
5.  WEBD does not bear any responsibility for material contained on Subscriber's account.  
1.  Subscribers, regardless of nationality, are obliged to obey the Polish law and conventional rules of Internet usage.
2.  WEBD reserves the right to block or erase the account, without the repayment, if: - its content is: against the international or polish law; erotic, racist, fascist, violence propagating, summoning to religious/ racial/ denominational hate, - Subscriber is doing other WEBD Clients or WEB users a disservice, - Subscriber committed any possible form of SPAM, - subscription payment was not contributed, any point of this statute was broken.
3.  WEBD Client cannot pass His rights to WEBD account, e-mail, disk space or other services on other independent subjects without the knowledge and approval of WEBD.
4.  In case of lack of His own domain, every WEBD Subscriber is obliged to useonly addresses in form: and
5.  When register .pl domains, the Subscriber agrees to make the only representative to Polish Domain Registrant NASK. (also check: NASK rules)  
1.  It is forbidden to store on WEBD servers any information which are against the international or polish law and containing racist, fascist, violence propagating, summoning to religious/ racial/ denominational hate and commonly known as morally reprehensible.
2.  WEBD allows to have erotic websites on its servers, however with previous consultation with the Subscriber.
3.  The right to activate scripts or programs among purchased WEBD service belongs only exclusively to the Owner of this service.
4.  In exceptional cases, when programs used by Subscriber are causing server overload and at once lowering the quality of provided services to other WEBD Clients, WEBD reserves the right to introduce restrictions to capacity of Subscribers account. The list of information about introduced restrictions will be delivered to the Subscriber in administrative-informational panel, along with the justification of taken actions.
5.  The owner of WEBD account, either: WEBD Reseller or WEBD Reseller Pro is obliged not to resell to His Clients accounts of space disk over 500MB.  

The Subsciber complaint regarding not or not well performed service should be sent to our office in signed form and contain mentioned data: Name and Surname, Clients login, address, the type of service, complaint itself with argumentaion and supposed way of solving the complaint.


WEBD is obliged to answer the complaint within 14 days counting from the moment of receiving the form. In case any necessary information from point 1. lacking, the moment of receiving the complaint is counted, when the required information are fullfilled.


1.  Resignation from services provided by WEBD on Subscribers petition, do not oblige WEBD to return payment for this services.
2.  Renunciation on WEBD petition oblige WEBD to return to Subscriber unused amount of subscription payment for provided services.

Consumers have right to resign from the agreement within 14 days since service activation without giving the reason of resignation (according to disposition of Consumer Rights from 30th May 2014). The form of resignation is available here and should be sent to email address or fax no 48583509279.


The right to resign does not apply for SSL Certificates or domain name registration. The right to resign does not apply, if the provider performed the appropriate service, with the Consumer knowledge of losing the right to resign before setting up the service and the Consumers approval.


In case of Consumers resignation, WEBD will return payment due, not later than 14 days after receiving the resignation form. The payment will be sent to bank account given by the Consumer, unless the Consumer agrees on other solution.

6.  Contract between Client and WEBD expires in case of no payment in advance of the account within the next 5 days from finishing the validity of previous subscription period.  
1.  In accordance with article 37 point 3 Ministry of Finance disposition (dated from 15th December 1997) about Act of Goods and Service Taxes and Act of Excise Tax, connected with 3rd enclosure of this disposition: - every purchaser, who has been provided with WEBD services, is authorized to receive the invoice, without the reference to being registered as a taxpayer, - the signature of the person who is entitled to draw up the invoice, can be replaced with the data, which enable to identify this person.

The invoice for an exact service will be drawn up after receiving the payment, on data given in Clients Panel section.


The invoice is available to print or download in Clients Panel. The Subsciber may demand delivering the invoice on specific address.

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