Before You buy

  1. How long has the Globtel Internet company the owner of WEBD hosting, been in business?
  2. Is there a possibility for free testing any chosen WEBD hosting account?
  3. Does there exist any demo version of Control Panel (Cpanel) on WEBD servers?
  4. How will the website and e-mail address look like for the WEBD services User?
  5. Does the User's login has to be the name of created subdomain at once?
  6. How is the disk space divided among the chosen WEBD host account?
  7. What happens if the User overdraws the transfer characteristic for His account?
  8. Is there a possibility to modify the chosen package of WEBD accounts, offered by WEBD?
  9. Are there any restrains regarding the size of files on www or forwarded on e-mail on WEBD servers?
  10. What is the main difference between each and every WEBD server account?
  11. What are the Reseller WEBD reseller accounts?
  12. What is the difference between the reseller accounts WEBD Reseller Standard and Pro?


    WEBD Reseller Standard is allowing to sell a limited amount of accounts - it means that the number of created account cannot overdraw the total offered capacity (25GB). For example there can be 25 accounts created, with capacity of 1 GB for each.
    The reseller accounts WEBD Reseller PRO do not contain such restrains, the number of accounts is unlimited.

  13. What is the difference between WEBD host accounts and WEBD Reseller accounts?
  14. Which type of software is used by WEBD servers?
  15. Is there a chance of buying customized accounts on WEBD servers?
  16. Can WEBD Clients can count on help from WEBD administrator?
  17. Can the Client transfer His domain on WEBD servers and if so how to do that?
  18. What are the ways of paying for WEBD host accounts and when is an exact account activated?
  19. What information should be included in bank or post office money transfer?
  20. How to pay with SMS for WEBD services? (available only for Polish mobile operators)
  21. Can the activation of WEBD account be quickened?
  22. Does Globtel Internet company write out the invoices for WEBD services?
  23. Why, on WEBD website, there are two numbers of bank account?

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