Privacy Policy

The Globtel Internet company attaches great importance to the privacy protection of our Clients. The document presented below includes the rules of: gaining, processing and using our Clients' personal details.

At the beginning we must say that according to Article 13 ordinance on personal data protection, dating on 27.04.2016:

1) Administrator of Your personal data is Globtel Internet Szymon Hersztek Matecznikowa 2/1 street 80-126 Gdansk, Poland

2) Your personal data will be processed to execute the order and (if the seperate agreement was approved) to receive commerce newsletter information ( according to Article 6 (1a) ordinance on personal data protection dated on 27.04.2016)

3) receivers of Your personal data will be subjects participating in executing the order (DINFO, NASK,, P24, DotPay, PayU, PayPal, accountant and company creating new system for

4) Your personal data will be held until we receive request of its delete. So if You wish to delete it - let Us know via Messages section.

5) You have the right to request access to Your personal data from Administrator, right to change it, delete it or limit processing; right to withdraw permission or right to transmit data

6) You have the right to fold a complaint to supervisory organ

7) Giving Your personal data is voluntary, although refusal to pass this data may cause denial of executing the order

1. Which personal details are collected by our company?

During the registration process, which is essential for full benefit from our services, we collect details such as: e-mail, login and password.

Required during registration personal or company data are to be agreeable with reality and lawful

While completing the transaction You are going to be asked for name, surname, address, telephone number. Additionally, companies are oblige to fill in the unique Tax ID / ITIN number. All the personal details required for completing money transaction are gained either by the independent subject such as P24, DotPay, PayU, Paypal or by the agency of bank transaction. Our company does not hold any transaction data.

During domain name registration, we provide both our Partners: NASK or DINFO with Your personal data. If You register SSL Certificate - Your data will be passed to

During Your visit on our website, we automatically collect information concerning this visit, such as Your IP address, Your domain, used browser, type of operating system etc. Those data are gathered thanks to analytical software Google Analitycs.

While contacting with our company through contact form, it is essential to fill Your e-mail address. IP address will be received automatically.

2. How do we use Your personal details?

The Globtel Internet company judges Clients' rights to privacy superior, so personal details will not be accessible to independent subjects. All personal information are stored and processed in accordance with both: Polish and International Law requirements and Act of Personal Data Security.

Information gained during the registration process will be used only to enable You to log in to our system. Registration is obligatory, if You wish to purchase our services.

Details gathered during the purchase transaction can be passed on to the company, which handles payment transaction, to charge Your account. The Globtel Internet company do not take any responsibility for informational practices used by independent subjects. In order to retain information safety, we advice on familiarizing Yourself with privacy policy of those companies.

Automatically and anonymously collected data can be used either to gather demographic information about our Users, personalize content of our websites or analyze Users activity on our website.

Those information, which are collected during Your correspondence with our service, will be used only in order to answer Your questions.

We reserve the possibility of contacting with You either to confirm, that information which we gather in our record are current or to complement Your profile in additional details.

The stored information can serve a creation of inside-company statistics. We are allowed to use this information for marketing purposes and company development.

In case of General Inspectorate of Personal Details Security control, Your data can become available to its workers, in accordance with act of personal data security. Personal details can be also revealed to justice bodies in the event of either law or our statute violation.

3. What are the allowed ways to contact You?

You can receive e-mails about Your payment transaction.

We can also contact You by telephone or e-mail in order to inform You about either subscription expiration or Your WEBD account details.

Sporadically we reserve the right to let You know about news or latest promotions.

4. Is there a possibility to change Your personal details?

After accessing our system and picking the 'Your Personal Details' section, You can enter changes or delete Your personal data, collected during the registration and used to log in.

Information used for payment transaction cannot be changed or deleted. They are a part of the bill or the invoice and are stored in accountancy purposes.

Automatically collected information cannot be changed or erased.

5. How do we use Your cookies?

We can use cookies to operate partnership program. They are storing data, thanks to which we are able to identify the partner. Cookies have 30 days of liveliness.

By hand of analytical software Google Analytics, cookies also store information such as Users' visits, browsers etc.

6. How do we secure Your personal details?

Our database are secured from views of unqualified people. While the connection between Your computer and our server (the moment when Your personal details are collected), we code this connection with the use of SSL protocol.

7. Introducing changes to our privacy policy

We reserve the right to modify privacy policy mentioned above by publishing a new one on this website.

8. Conditions approval

Every our User and Client is obliged to become acquainted and obey rules accordingly to mentioned policy.

9. Contact us

The company collecting information: Globtel Internet, Matecznikowa 2/1 Street, 80-126 Gdansk NIP: 957-080-47-86

Customer Service Monday - Friday working hours: 8.00 AM - 7.00 PM

Telephone number: +48 883 750 000 Fax Number: (+48 58) 350 92 79

Technical Service Monday - Friday working hours: 8.00 AM - 7.00 PM

Any questions or suggestions please forward through contact form or e-mail


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